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Arriving unannounced at the school last Thursday were two rather strange visitors, Doc Squabbles and his colleague Dominic Cheeseroast. They arrived during the morning assembly to announce that they were searching for a lost poppycock egg, all that remains from an extinct species of bird that fed on the fruits of the fabled sound fruit tree. This tree was believed to have stood somewhere in the school grounds over 400 years ago, before it was rather inconsiderately cut down by a man called Derek who used it to make tea pots (needless to say the idea did not catch on!). After a surprisingly brief search of the school grounds, Miss Holly Bassett in Year 4 discovered the lost egg, which has since been incubating in the mobile Daydream Harvest Machine that you may have seen parked in the playground. With help from children and staff at the school, Dr Squabbles and Mr Cheeseroast have been able to suck-up and synthesise sound fruit using their curious sound hoovering devices. This involved the children creating improvised sound fruits using junk as well as searching the village for interesting sound-fruit-scapes. With the egg due to hatch any day (probably this afternoon) it is hoped that the sound fruit created will feed the poppycock and bring it to life once more. Do come along this afternoon at 3pm to see and hear this magnificent bird and search for the sound fruit growing in the garden outside the main entrance. The sound fruits created by the children have also been hung from a cloud which you can visit by clicking here or visiting You may also want to test your local sound knowledge by clicking here  and listening carefully to the sound-fruit-scapes which the children hoovered-up (answers in next week’s newsletter).


Poppycock Feedback - Woodcote Primary School
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