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..offering a wide and bespoke range of creative projects to schools and communities.

We are a collaboration between artists,

a collection of makers

and a network of performers

united in their desire to make challenging and intrepid work

with communities of people who do not consider themselves to be artists.


Participation is at the heart of our practice.

Our mission is to reach out to people through the creation of extraordinary moments.

We believe that these moments provoke conversation and connection between people.


Documentary as Fiction- Fiction as Documentary.

We are interested in history.

We are interested in how history is written and who does the writing.

We are interested in treating our fiction with the same weight of belief and importance as we we apply to our perceived facts.

we are just as interested in ‘how things could be’ as we are interested in ‘how they they are’


A passionate equation between people, locations, sound and objects. 

An Annual Daydream Harvest project may be characterized as the mindful surfing of an anarchic process.

A playful journey through a creative maze of sculpture, sound, poetry and symbolism.

‘We may not always know where we are going, but by being aware of where we are

and with the knowledge of where we have been we will find a way forward’


Quality out of control.

Annual Daydream Harvest is committed to creating works of ‘Quality.’ 

We aim to engage whole communities whilst providing opportunities to creative people.

Our approach is direct!

We take work to people in the places where they live and work.

we take risks and enjoy the challenge of unlocking the potential that lies within diverse groups of people.


Creative confidence.

The more you do the better it gets. We are at war with the words ‘I’m no good at.....’.

We are dedicated to providing situations where people can succeed creatively

because once you see that ‘you can’ the world becomes a better place to be.


'Not what it is but what it could be'. Explorations of the DEEP SEE!

Working with the everyday things that we so often close our eyes and minds to,

we aim to re-examine the humdrum and infuse it with a vibrant new potential.

To re-awaken our amazement and fascination with the world in which we live.

to fall back in love with our streets, parks and the people we see.

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