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Dr Brian Squabbles​

Born in Doncaster in 1957. His father was a flee circus impresario and his mother a research scientist on the soviet space program. Squabbles was educated on the backstreets, landfill sites and lecture theaters of the North of England. His early years were checkered as he struggled to find meaning to his chaotic life.

In1997 whilst in search of obscure recordings at a car boot sale in Henley Squabbles happened upon a mysterious collection of packing cases to be purchased “at blind auction’. Paying £12 for the lot he eagerly transported them to is double garage abode in Potters Bar and picked the lock. Mysterious contents and a manual, yellowed by the passing of untold years, revealed a rare daydream harvesting machine. since then Squabbles has not looked back in his mission to bring life to the daydreams of those who cross his path.

In the real world Squabbles is one Nick J Garnett. 

Nick has been a freelance artist for 20 years producing public commissions for the National Trust, Natural England, and various Councils.

In his previous life he worked in collaboration with Newbury based Thrift Music Theatre giving life to E.R.I.C, an antique computerised entity, providing immersive learning experiences for thousands of children.

Elements of this work have featured at HTI conference with Ken Robinson and in Hywel Roberts book 'Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally.’

He has work extensively with Milton-keynes carnival company Festive Road designing and building large outdoor performances and processions.

Nicholas Cheezwoste

“I don’t like singing.” whispered the young explorer.

The sound chef, Cheezwoste leaned forwards over his hot worktop, sweat and enthusiasm coursing from his pores.

“Say that again” he whispered with a look of distilled focus that cut the noise like a lazer.

“I.....I..I don’t like singing” came the call. His young face elated like one who has taken the ten meter plunge for the first time. 

Quick as a flee Cheezwoste swipes the air with an instrument that left a static aftershock in its wake.

"Gotcha!" he muttered as he flips the captured phrase on to the hot surface of one of his sizzling mixing pans.

Forehead furrowed in deep concentration, fingers dancing over the keys and touch screen, Cheezwoste kindles the captured sound - taking the spark and nurturing it until it becomes a beautiful blaze of sound.

No-one knows where he comes from but Nicholas Cheezwoste is a sound gardener second to non! 

Hiding inside mr Cheezwoste lurks mr Richard Bentley. Richard Bentley’s work and current doctoral research brings together the

spheres of mindfulness and meditation practice with field recording and sound

design. Richard is a teacher and college lecturer.

Ms Ethel Yarg-Parsley is as old as the hills and as wise as the wisest of wise guys.

Raised in Venezuela she has traveled the Globe with her tartan shopping trolly. and a keen sense of rhythm. 

Accomplished in several martial arts and advisor to a fist full of NGO's she amazingly still finds time to scour the world for the finest freshest daydreams.

In her spare time Ethel poses as Natalie Castro,

Natalie Castro is an associated artist of Festive Road (Milton Keynes), Lizard Stage

(London) and a member of Haringey Arts (London). She is based in England

and performs both in this country and internationally. She is currently

developing a series of practical laboratories that integrate body expression,

creativity, community and personal development.

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